by Tim   Jun 14, 2024

Through days of sun and nights of rain,
Our hearts have danced in joy and pain.
From the first glance to the tender kiss,
In every moment, we found our bliss.

Hand in hand, we've walked the years,
Shared our laughter, wiped our tears.
In friendship true and love so deep,
Together, promises we keep.

From youthful days to hair of gray,
Our bond has grown, come what may.
In whispered secrets, in open skies,
We've built a life where love never dies.

Through trials faced and dreams pursued,
In every step, I've loved you.
With every dawn and every night,
You are my joy, my guiding light.

A lifetime woven in moments sweet,
In your arms, I am complete.
For in our love and friendship’s grace,
I've found my home, my sacred place.


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