From such great heights.

by Poet on the Piano   Jun 10, 2024

There once was a lively flock of birds,
always in sight of a grand destination.

The littlest one kept dreaming of freedom,
of endless blue, a sky you could swim in.

And yet, it couldn't fly.

It remembered,
but its muscles were too weak,
even with wings perfectly intact.

Soon, it started visiting bridges,
hoisting itself up to the ledge,
watching the calm below yet
longing for adventure above.

Its dreams were filled with
such great heights...

One day,
a man took interest in the bird,
curiously following it across the bridge.

The bird paced and squawked:
"I can no longer fly like before,
please end my misery,
please drop me from up high".

But the man did not oblige.

He gave the bird a pep talk every day,
encouraging it with a quick nod here and there.
The bird smiled in return
but still felt the weight of loneliness.

The bird's family would often visit
with tales of life beyond the bridge,
always offering their support.
But the bird shied away, refusing any help.

Then one day, the man stopped visiting.
Family and friends stopped flying in.
No one cared to keep the little bird company.

So, it tumbled over the bridge,
into waters of the unknown,
hoping to find some semblance of peace...

and maybe it drowned,
but maybe it flew at the last moment...

maybe it saved itself...


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