by jarrod   Jul 27, 2004


a comatose of effluence
followed by benevolence
tropeolins of blaspheme
seraph filled academy

desolate forsaken soul
harboring an unearthly toll
angelic strings unveiled
majestic things Unsailed

trite thoughts unshown
towards things unknown
indebted to desolation
having no salvation

now a real quick dictionary type run through of the meaning for those of u who cant understand what i meant.

in a coma full flowing
then comes good
which turns into EVIL
(angel with three wings) angelic creatures with

empty cursed souls
holding burdened debt
but still shows gods power
in the things he can do

lacking the thought
towards faith
owed to not believing
not being able to be saved


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  • 13 years ago

    by beav

    Wow. this was amazing. the depth of it is superb. i'm stunned. i absolutely love it. -beav 5 for you!

  • 16 years ago

    by hayley williams

    Hey Babycakes, lol. Fantastic poem like i told you, and thanks for breaking it down for the slower ppl like myself! lol hayley xxx