The Girl With A Broken Smile

by Eibutsina   Sep 21, 2004

A girl out of her family home at the youngest age
So full of exploding anger and hate and rage
Forced to survive out on the streets
No home to go to and no place to sleep.
She gets involved with a man of the worst kind
A manipulative abuser who controls her mind
She claims its love but she does not realise
She’s so desperate for love she’ll believe any lies.
The promises that he will stop raising his hand
She accepts these apologies says she can understand
But he is just another one of those typical street thugs
Supporting her habit happy to feed her drugs
Committing crimes and dragging her through another court trial
You can see her clearly, the girl with a broken smile.

He’s locked away where he belongs and in jail
She feels so lost that her life must be destined to fail
She has to survive and support her own habit
But she’s deteriorating and can’t continue to afford being an addict.
Her health is fading and she barely recognises herself
She goes to see a doctor in need of answers and help
An explanation of why she has been so ill
When she hears the results her heart stands still.
She knew she was sick but never predicted this
She hadn’t noted the time or realise she had missed
In disbelief that she was carrying a child
You could tell she was the girl with the broken smile.

With her man away for the longest period of time
She had an existence, a life and herself to find
Needing to grow up in an instant, and get herself clean
For in but a few months she would have a child to wean.
So with this precious news she has found
The strength and will to turn her life around
Starting new work to help her set up a new home
To raise this child all on her own.
Along comes the time her baby is born
A spectacular smile like she has never worn
Lying in pure bliss and happiness she still remains so fragile
Can you see her the girl with the broken smile.

She smiles each day for her life has meaning
With escaping memories of her past so demeaning
She works hard so her and her son can live well
Picked herself up from that hole in which she fell.
At first what seemed tragic, her alone through her child’s birth
Made her realise her purpose and her life’s worth
Just like the rose that grew from concrete
She confronted her obstacles and overcame her defeat.
Right now my poem must be crystal clear
If you’ve been patient enough to read up to here
Read these words back and ponder just a while
Realise I am that girl with the broken smile.


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Latest Comments

  • 13 years ago

    by Mr M

    You really have a way of conveying your story so that it relates to so many others in the same position. You are quite a good writer.

  • 14 years ago

    by Tyler

    Very good, it was long but that just makes it even better every line is good haha

  • 16 years ago

    by Janice Brown~©~

    OMG WOW!!! ilove this poem talk about tears in my eyes!
    keep it up

  • 16 years ago

    by Gen

    That was great!! I loved it!! Thanks for the nice comment that you gave me too!! You are in my favorites and I love all the poems of yours that I have had a chance to read!! U are a great writer!! Keep up the good work!!

  • 16 years ago

    by Eibutsina

    Wow everyones comments here blew me away really thanks to everyone for being so amazingly supportive - the value of that support you will never truly know how much i appreciate!

    Luv Eirisa xoxox