She Will Be Loved

by nikki   Sep 24, 2004

That girl sits there everyday
with that agonised look on her face
why does she cry those tears
why does she think she's out of place

this girl, i think i know her
but sometimes i wonder if i really do
because i know that she's a fake
just like i am too

covering her tears with a painted on smile
and her wrists, i know they've bled
we really are a lot alike
together, so many tears we've shed

shes my light at the end of the tunnel
the one who's always there
and while others say they do
i know she really cares

this girl, she's my best friend
so afraid, so insecure
i only wish that for her pain
i held some kind of cure

for now the best i can offer
to this beautiful dove
is my undivided attention
and the promise, she will be loved

*jessycar, you are my best friend, you mean everything to me, you're the whole world, only unlike it you don't suck, . i love ya always babe. rock on bubs. WE RIDE TOGETHER WE DIE TOGETHER BEST FRIENDS FOR LIFE!*


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  • 14 years ago

    by jess

    love you babe, WE RIDE TOGETHER WE DIE TOGETHER BEST FRIENDS FOR LIFE* thankyou so much xoxoxoxoxo