A knife named deception

by nikki   Mar 26, 2005

Cursed by your scolding tongue,
writhing in agony at the echo of empty words
sliding off your crimson lips.
You said i deserve this.
You deserve this.
This agonising attitude fills me with sweet despair.
Offer your heart upon a silver platter
and i, of course, concur.
I walk this deserted street
and wish for a slow and painful death,
for even that would be more pleasant
than this cold, torturous display of a problematic mind
You tear apart my notes
filled with heart wrenching words of love,
and scream for one more chance.
Well you earned the regret you feel.
So bathe yourself in your own tears
and think of my smiling face
as you cut out your heart
and beg for forgiveness with outstretched hands.
I'll wear your heart like a badge
for you and everyone to see.
I am not the one at fault.
Carve your name into this bullet
to make sure everybody knows
i was the last thing going through your head.
Or maybe death isn't cruel enough
for the kind of everlasting scars you caused me
Instead i'll strap you down
and burn your skin with your favourite crimson tinted lighter.
I'll cuff your wrists and tilt your head just right
so that you have a perfectly taunting view of me without you.
And maybe then, only then,
will how much i have been scorned be clearly illustrated in your mind.
I'll throw you out a 12th story window
and laugh mockingly as you fall into a bottomless pit of my dissipating love for you.
Watching our happy memories play over and over around you for the remainder of eternity.
You stabbed me hard in the back with a knife named deception,
but i won't turn around again anytime soon.


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  • 14 years ago

    by jess

    i love u and i love this poem i wish it were myn :( love u gorjus *if i cud i wud shrink myself sink through ur skin to ure blood cells and remove wat ever makes u hurt* xoxoxo broom broom

  • 14 years ago

    by TrUtH hUrTs

    strong strong stuff very cool...