Juliet Without Her Romeo

by nikki   Dec 21, 2004

Heart on my sleeve, gun to my head
bleeding to believe, eyelids like lead
without you here, i feel like i could die
so heres another tear you made me cry
these tears are like poison, dripping down my face
but these memories of you they cannot erase
rip out my heart, since its already dead
leave me empty and tear it to shreds
choke me bare handed, i cannot die
because you are gone i'm dead inside
sweetie all i need is your arms around me
so tell me how can this not be?
just another cliche of a broken dream
just another heart ripped apart at the seam
and whats the point when i can't have you?
i cannot live without you, theres nothing left to do
put the trigger to my head and count to 3
i'm sorry darling, but i needed to be set free


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Latest Comments

  • 14 years ago

    by jess

    f**k u marcella wats ure problem???? i dont think ure jealous i just think URE F**KED!!! u must lead a very boring life to hav enuff time to come on here and insult ppl who are expressing their feelings not "whinning" now F**K off and leave nikki alone she is so much f-ing better that u could ever even dream to be!!! xoxoxo

  • 14 years ago

    by nikki

    thanks all of you, you've made my day :P and thanks thundersrose, i've been getting more into art over the past few months, so i've been drawing more than writing, but i missed it so much i just had to come back :) glad to be so welcomed back.

  • 14 years ago

    by pinkalias

    This is lovely. Tragecally beutiful, the dark images and comparisons created the perfect mood for the writer's message. I love the title, it really ties together the story of the piece and I really admired the lines, "just another cliche of a broken dream
    just another heart ripped apart at the seam"
    I love the symbolism and dark emotions portrayed in those lines. good job