A Glass Heart Covered In Fragile Tape

by nikki   Dec 20, 2004

Face to face we stand and our dreams are headed south. i'd love you with all my heart if you hadn't stolen it. If it wasn't shattered into a million pieces all over this cold tile floor. Would you like me to turn around so you can push your knife a little deeper? or maybe just twist it enough that i'm in constant agony. much like you twist my words into tainted phrases with ten thousand lies as meanings. And i only wish i could lock my heart up in a box and throw away the key, so that you couldn't destroy it anymore. but my chest is open now and all i feel is chilly wind where once there was a glass case of emotions. and i told you to be careful, i warned you my heart was fragile, and you didn't listen. you played with it, tossing it round, like it was nothing. and now it is nothing. except for tiny shards of what once was. and as i pick up the remains, and the pieces strike tiny cuts in my snow white skin, you try to help me stick each bit back together with masking tape and clag. but it just won't work anymore. and yet i still love you. after all, you still have pieces of my heart.


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