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i havent been writing as much lately working 40 hours a week and busy trying to find some sort of life with a newborn and a 2 year old... but since i have been on maternity leave had a little more time to write.. a lot of things on my mind that i am trying to sort out in my poetry.... looking forward to any comments questions and advice.... thanks for checking me out

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  • Raise me on a pedestal
    treat me like a queen...

  • Who says that a thug can't love?
    my baby is, and yes he does...

  • The lies he has told cause great distress
    even though he's caught up, still won't confess...

  • Thoughts of you, throughout the day
    keep my mind occupied...

  • My stomach's getting fat
    and my butt is getting wide...

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  • Love



    love breathes life into the heart bringing grace into the body

    15 years ago
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  • A MaN wHo StAnDs FoR nOtHiNg WiLl FaLl FoR aNyThInG....... Malcolm X

    15 years ago
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