This tainted seduction

by nikki   Nov 19, 2004

Darkness descends upon our touch.
nothing good ever comes from 'us'.
your lips move into mine, and i can't pull away.
you, angel, know all the right things to say.
but you're no angel, you're just another boy.
just another kid, treating me like a toy.
you seduce me with your lies, and those sultry lips.
and i'm still burning from the last time we kissed.
your arms, so solid, wrapped around me.
i'm wishing there was some other place i had to be.
you see, sweetheart, i hate you more than life.
but i can't let you go when your embrace feels so right.
i scramble to find the strength to walk away.
but some things you do make it so hard not to stay.
so pull me in for one last kiss.
your tainted lips, i will sorely miss.


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  • 14 years ago

    by jess

    awesome babe whos it about i miss u more then words love always ure bestie jessycar xoxoxox

  • 14 years ago

    by Ele

    i liked this poem, it really can be hard to walk away even when you know it's wrong, very true!