by spunk   Dec 2, 2004

Under the eyes of the untold tales by the storm
the clouds under my feet will keep me float
i glance at your lovely smile as i continue to weep
you have touched my should like nobody could
you coated my heart with sugar and kissed me on my cheek
as the dark storm rolls upon us
the light has moved to the distant
my whispers will never end, they will always to continue,
as my love for you will never end
like the shadows in the deep green sea,
like the dew on the morning grass
the blood runs through my veins,
my love will always last
i hold your hand as you light the candle,
the candle which you hold, that lead us through the tunnel
we find our selfs a new road to follow,
a new life, a new journey ahead
the thoughts of you, i will never forget
leaping through the valleys in your heart
you have placed a lake in each of them,
which holds a new life

a bird once told me a love song
such a tune
which i never knew of,
the words of enlightened my soul
bring my heart yours
i couldn't want any thing more


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  • 16 years ago

    by yolande the dreamer

    i loved it it doesnt quite fit together, and yet it does....i love how you described stuff like the "deep green sea" and things like tha.....take care mate....and definitley keep writing