Once was, now lost

by spunk   Jan 5, 2005

Yes i know i haven't posted any poems for a long time, but i have been writing lot, but i still have to post. this is a true story about the love i once had for a long time.

you were my first love you
you were my first kiss,
deep inside we both knew
that we were perfect together
you held me in your arms
and kissed me all over,
some how we both knew
we would last forever

we watched each other grow up,
when we grew older,
our love for each other
grew stronger
you were always on my mind
you were the title of every story
before i knew it ,
we were on a different page
a different chapter,
a different book
as you changed i stayed the same,
you still loved me
but i didn't feel it back
you have made choices
which made you life sink

your brain was shot
you could barely think
i miss you though
and i love you still the same
i miss the person you could have been
and the life you could have begun
i miss the person who you were before,
before your mind spun
you were my prince
in a perfect fairy tail
and your heart was made of gold
you love was like no other
it was sad to see
the life you have made your self,
the bed you have to sleep in
and the pillow will never be soft,

these mistakes have changed
not only you but me too
my heart throbs when i think of you
and the times which we both shared
even though i have moved on,
a piece of my heart
lies in your empty hands
i will keep you in my mind forever
when i walk down the aisle
you will be the last person
i will think about before,
i say "i do"
as my last tear dries
and my mind begins to think,
i will always believe
we were once "meant to be"


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