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i hate myself at the moment, my life is depressing as heck,
i dunno if i can restrain myself,
i feel like slitting my own neck,
im a stupid, teenage kid, theres nobody quite like me
cut just to feel the pain,
cut just to see me bleed......


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  • Age : 14
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Latest Poems By yolande the dreamer

  • Screams fly around my head
    Yet i walk straight past...

  • It's hard to write about love
    when anger steals your soul...

  • I hate myself at the moment,
    my life is depressing as heck...

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Latest Quotes By yolande the dreamer

  • If I could undo these chains that bind me to my sorrow,
    I would be leaving the others who feel this way behind

    15 years ago
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  • Her screams of pain are silenced now
    her reign of death begins

    15 years ago
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  • The tears i cry are the ones that you made

    16 years ago
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