by spunk   Dec 2, 2004

My heart is beating its last few beats
pounding the blood through the veins
I'm only going to last a few more weeks
until the clouds form, and finally rains

i feel uneasy and i don't know were to turn
the pain is scorching where there are scars
from the mistakes i have made, i have to learn
the end is near, its not too far

the drugs are pulling me under, they are dragging me down
I'm crawling leaving blood on the floor
my feelings, my reflection, makes me frown,
my heart is placed on a silver tray near the door

i lock my door, turn my music loud
no one can harm me, I'm alone in my mind
who will notice? i was never part of the crowd
leaving my family, my problems behind

as i reveal, my silver friend
place it near my chest
hopefully every one will understand
because it is for the best

writing my last letters to mom and dad
telling them how i love them so
please don't worry, there is no need to be sad

my dead is done now
i have left my body floating in the sky
i cant come back no way, no how
i feel free now, please let me fly

my dream has now come true
i have left my mistakes behind, all the pain and sorrow
i am gone and i can start new
floating above, all i see is my shadow

kissing my mothers cheek,
and looking at my fathers smile.


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  • 16 years ago

    by vanessa Monee

    This is a very good poem, it was really beautiful to read, it had so much feeling and thought put in to it, you did a very good job.(appreciated if you look at my new poem Care*, or my old one *Marcus*)...Thanks!