White Rose

by Fluffy Cotton   Dec 11, 2004

She woke up with a headache on a morning in July
Her hair was being stubborn and her clothes just wouldn't dry
She grabbed herself a water and went dashing out the door
She jumped into her car and pushed the pedal to the floor

She was running late again, what a big surprise
Her shoes were different colors and the sun was in her eyes
She pulled into the parking lot, and quickly walked inside
She was a little late it seemed no matter how she tried

She fixed herself some coffee and then sat down in her chair
An enveloped marked "urgent", addressed to her was there
She read it to herself, with temporary peace of mind
"We're sorry to inform you that your raise has been declined"

She dropped the letter on her desk and passed it from concern
She smiled to herself to try to take away the burn
The day went by quite slowly and her will was wearing thin
Only one more hour until her day could finally end

At last she could go home, she broke free from her chains
She got into her car, and tried to lose her pains
She finally reached her house, and stepped up to the door
As she turned the handle she saw something on the floor

There she saw an envelope, her hands began to shake
For inside could be something worse that her heart couldn't take
She slowly looked inside and read it to herself
"Walk inside and to your left and look what's on the shelf"

She walked inside, turned left, and then she saw another note
She opened it excitedly, not sure what else they wrote
"Walk over to the stairs, I have something for you"
She set the note back down and then did what it said to do

She walked up to the stairs, and there beside her feet
Laid a wonderful white rose, it's aroma soft and sweet
There was a note attached, her heart began to lift
"Follow the white petals to receive a special gift"

She looked down at the stairs; a smile grew on her face
On every step a petal laid, she followed them with grace
The trail continued on until she reached her bedroom door
And there was an envelope, lying on the floor

She picked it up and opened it, and read it silently
"Close your eyes and turn the knob and there your gift will be"
She closed her eyes unknowingly and slowly turned the knob
She pushed the door wide opened as her heart began to throb

A gentle voice beside her whispered, "Open up your eyes"
Her soul was lifted higher then the angels dared to fly
She threw her arms around her love, and whispered in his ear
You’re the only one who makes my sorrows disappear


**Feel free to comment. i love criticism. Thank you for reading my poem C:**


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  • that is a truly amazing poem, i loved it.

  • 18 years ago

    by MeL JoY

    omg thats so beautiful!!
    so sweet!!
    i love it!!
    keep it up ure great!!!
    n thanks so much for the comment on my poem!!!
    take care xx