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I think i'm very lucky. althoughmost of my poems are based on things that have happened to me, it usually just thoughts ot actions which are similar or affect me in away that i myself link up with other thoughts and emotions which are then written down Some are just random thoughts that kinda pop up and i just have to write them down. Others are about things i hear or see which kind of trigger other thoughts and the poem comes pretty naturally so anyway I hope you like them.


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Also all my poems are copyrighted. That means in my terms - do not take them.

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  • The blunt edge rips the rough paper
    Angry blotches and smudges of blood...

  • What time is there to dwell on this life?
    For all that we gain is sorrow and strife...

  • Huddled
    Knees supporting chin...

  • Sunshine showers
    Colourful flowers...

  • Let us find our way together
    Let our hearts float like a feather...

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  • I believe in all that's true;
    I don't think i believe in you.

    15 years ago
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  • From much sorrow may come the light for a new day.

    15 years ago
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  • If you reason about love, you'll lose your reason.

    15 years ago
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