Broken Friends

by Paula   Dec 29, 2004

Why is it always me that has to ring you,
Weeks could go by and you wouldn't have a clue.
I could've died for all you know,
But here i am all alone feeling low.

Desperately wanting you to call,
To save me from this great fall.
There I'd sit next to the phone Wishing it would ring
You don't know how much happiness and sadness you bring.

In my hour of need, when i sit here and bleed,
Its you i want to hear telling me everything will be OK
but if you did call i doubt thats what you'd say.

You'd tell me to stop being stupid and get over it.
I'd stand there and listen to you call me names,
But i suppose that was all part of your games.

How could you say all these nasty things when we were friends.
I'm sorry but I've had enough and today our 'friendship' ends.

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  • 16 years ago

    by Knoxy

    Hey, this is really good...and thatz crazy, i'm sorri that they did that to you...thatz not rite...i'm alwayz here for ya, take care, and keep on writing!!
    ~Luv Alwayz Knoxy

  • 16 years ago

    by Echo

    Hey this is really really good keep it up hun well luv alway's echo

    P.S. comment on mine if u have the time!! luv ya echo