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Hey, i've been writing poems since i can rememer, about 5 years ago when the derpression started. I find it hard to talk about my thoughts and feelings, so i write. i've never showed any one these, to scared they'll laugh. im having art therapy to help me with this and i recommend it to people in my situation. Thanks. Paula xx

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Latest Poems By Paula

  • Why is it always me that has to ring you,
    Weeks could go by and you wouldn't have a clue...

  • Here i am traveling to my death,
    Counting down the minutes till i draw my last...

  • You had no right treating me the way you did,
    I was a grown woman not a stupid little kid...

  • Why can't i shift these memories in my head
    They just wont go...

  • You were the best nephew
    And i thought the world of you, People could see...

Latest Quotes By Paula

  • Im sure that your glad now that your free,
    No more holding back just cause of me.

    15 years ago
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  • Why is it when i need you most, you walk away.
    Im standing here screaming but you just wont stay.

    15 years ago
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  • The surest way to have happiness and peace of mind is to gave them to someone else.

    16 years ago
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