See you in hell

by Maegan   Jan 21, 2005

See you in hell…
Close my eyes to the world and the people within it
Holding my head high the same way I begin it
No more tears will I shed about you tonight
Get out of my heard you were never right
And I am not wrong as you can so easily tell
Yes, you are right. I’ll see you in hell
And we’ll throw a big party, and none will be saved
We all feel the eternal turmoil that you so easily gave
To me the feelings of lost and no more hope
You’re on crack, coke, speed, heroine, and dope
And you carve words in your arm to release all the pain
But though the scars disappear you won’t ever be the same
Because the bleeding’s addicting, running across your arm
You don’t care that you’re doing so much harm
To yourself because you’re caught up in the moment
Clutching to the punishment you serve to your problems
You think it’s getting better but you can’t ever solve them
Because bleeding just makes you woozy inside
You have no more tears left for you to cry and why
Must you lie? We know you are not OK
No matter what you show or how much you say
We know from the words and holes on your body
Although you say you’re fine before our eyes you’re rotting
You’re a dead guy walking in the skin
That the soul lived in the soul of our FRIEND
Is gone never returning
And your conscience is burning
With the look on her face the face of your mother
And the anger clenches up the fists of your brother
You’re so stuck in your own little world of self-pity
Look in the mirror my friend it isn’t pretty
Just a hollow sunken face where you used to be
But when you look you cannot see
What you’re doing to yourself is so twisted and sick
Yet still you can’t seem to get enough of it
What’s going to happen one day when you cut to deep?
And you’ll start to get dizzy and fall asleep
And no one will find you until it is too late
We all hold our breath and wait
When the doctor comes out with the bad news
We all start crying when we hear they loosed
You. Our friend, our son, our brother
She couldn’t stop shaking your poor mother
While we stand by your coffin we’re all wearing black
Wishing this never happened and we could have you back but
No. You just got a little carried away…
That sounds like something only you would say
They lower your body into the ground
Your mother turns away when she hears the sound
Of the coffin hitting the bottom six feet under
The sound seems to vibrate and echo like thunder
So the next time you pick up that knife just
Remember how easily you could take your life and
You would never get it back you could never return
I guess people like you just never learn because
I see these cuts are fresh and new
With the more fresh cuts the more I hate you
Because your so selfish we care about you
And you still hurt and now you die too
Can’t you see the pain that you put us through?
See you in hell cause your fading away and while you
Bleed to death I have nothing left to say my tears
Fall gently onto your colorless cheek
You open your eyes and try to speak to me
But all I hear are the words in my head
All those words that you said
“You would be better off if I was dead.”
No no no don’t go please
Don’t go, I’m so sorry
But you just let go of my hand
No please don’t worry you aren’t damned
But instead you just whisper with a smile on your face
As you say farewell
“See you in hell.”

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