I know I'm lost

by Maegan   Feb 4, 2005

I know I'm lost when I look in the mirror and shame away from what I see
I know I'm lost when I shield my ears from the screams I hear from me
I know I need to run when the adrenaline just starts pumping through my veins
I know that you hate me o can't you see the way you treat me I'm not the same
I'm so stuck loosing reality pushing away and I don't know why
So as I wonder aimlessly through this dark corridor I wonder what the heck I shall find
Truthfully I'm so sick of everyone telling me what to do
But O guess what I don't give a crap because I need is you
And your arms around me so that I can sleep tonight
I'm so sick of waking up screaming something's not right
So just hold me and tell me that I will be ok
And I'll drift back off to sleep with the words you say

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