My mom is One in a Million

by courtney   Jan 30, 2005

You are one in a million,
you are a special person in my life,
you are always there when I need you,
you help me figure out my problems,
you protect me from everything that I fear.

you make me laugh when I feel down,
you always show me the right path to take,
you are my best friend I've never had,
my friends always say they wish you were their mom,
but I think too bad.

you are the coolest mom ever,
even when I say you look stupid,
you're the silliest person I know,
I'm happy god wanted you to be my mom,
I don't know what I would do without you.



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  • hey this is a really good poem i've never written bout my mum but i have bout my big bro if u can please check out 'my big bro by his baby sister'
    and if poss check out sum more of mine xxxxx

  • 16 years ago

    by Amit

    beautiful poem. a poem for "mom" is always special and worth a comment! i'll give u 5! keep them coming! it reminds me of my poem written for my mom "can i call you God?". you are a good poet.