H is for you

by Cara McTired   Feb 5, 2005

"H" is for you
It means a lot of things

It could mean I've "Had" it
With all your lies
With all the times you said
"Nothing will ever change"

"H" could mean "Hatred"
Something i want to feel
But you were with me since forever
And made me feel good about myself

And for that i give you "Hello"
Its what you say before good-bye

Lets add a little "Horror"
Which is what you've slowly become

And last "H" is for "Hilary" the friend i had but lost
Even though I've HAD IT
Even though i can't HATE you
Even though a HELLO was never said (so good-byes aren't needed)
And even though I've watched you become a HORRIBLE whats-her-name

I can't forget
"H" is for Hilary
The friend i once had....


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