All my life

by heather   Mar 1, 2005

All my life I have lived with you calling me names
Its about time that you learned a lesson
the way I see it if you hate me
so much why do you look at me
if you have it so bad being my
brother then leave
cause I have had enough
all my life I let you put me down
I struggled through all my tears
trying to figure out why you
hated me
it took me 14 years to figure out
how much of a jerk you
really were
all my life I watched
my world crumble down
its about time that you got what you deserved
the next time you wanna be an
ignorant punk
think of what could happen to you
you hurt me your going to get
hurt ten times more
you have said your last I hate you
I am not here to impress you
you don\\\'t like me tough
either deal with it or get out of my life
all my life I let you put me down
well that\'s all over now
because I am not taking it anymore.
By heather dedicated to my brother


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