What Love Does

by ashley   Mar 14, 2005

Love can make you do crazy things,
Sometimes big and sometimes small,
But these crazy things that we both do,
Makes it all worth while...
Dreaming while wide awake,
Oblivious to anything around,
Feelings so high off of dreams,
Its as if my feet don't touch the ground...
Little things written on paper,
Your name and mine together,
Perfect hearts and sayings,
Always and forever...
Though little and useless,
They mean the world to me,
My thoughts and feelings written,
For everyone to see...
Sometimes I can't talk,
When you're around me,
Blinded by love,
But happy to be...
Yet sometimes I ramble on and on,
Unaware how foolish I sound,
Embarrassed by how I'm acting,
That I stop and look at the ground...
Because I can't look you in the eyes,
By now my face would be red,
I would be smiling, laughing, even apologizing,
For some of the crazy things I said...
Occasionally I stumble when I walk,
Because I'm thinking of you,
From not watching where I'm going,
Isn't it crazy what love an do...
I sit and I write poems,
To tell you how I feel,
Because it's easier to write than say,
But either way you know it's real...
I tell you all the things,
That I have never told anyone at all,
Because I trust you with my whole heart,
Knowing you would catch me if I were to fall...
Things that I haven't told my closest friends,
Not my family, nobody else knows,
Just another way for you to see,
How deep my trust and love for you goes...
I'll say some of the strangest things,
To hear you laugh and see a smile on your face,
These things that make me always feel,
That with you I'm in the right place...
All these crazy things,
That love makes me do,
I do them only,
Because I truly love you...


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  • 18 years ago

    by Red Charm

    Sweet poem.

  • 18 years ago

    by chelsee


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