by Cara McTired   Mar 20, 2005

Do not be scared of this new feeling
People get it all the time,
Envy is our brother,
Not a harmless pity crime,

He’s not a green eyed monster,
More like a cat like beauty,
That doesn’t like his betters,
And he finds that its his DUTY!
To out do them,
So he becomes them…

Envy is our influence,
Our idol,
And our friend,

He whispers in our ears
To get mad again and again
That those people really aren’t our friends,
That we deserve better,
That we are better,
That’s were he snags you and he drags you
In the dirt
Until finally….

You wake up,
And look in the mirror, only to see
The person envy has made you to be,
Someone just like him,
Someone just like me,
Envy is everybody

You’ll smile in shock when you realize this,
Your smile is his smile
And his loneliness has become our own…



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  • 14 years ago

    by ash89

    Love the poem.

  • 15 years ago

    by Christine

    Nice poem. It really relates to how most people get comsumed with envy so easily.