Happen to me

by Dani   Apr 27, 2005

Her heart,

Her life,

She never knew,
she could feel this way,
she never knew,
he could just throw their love away.

She thought what they had,
was too important,
She thought what they had,
just needed to be sorted.

She was indeed wrong,
even though they had a baby on the way,
he was too young,
for now he was set astray.
All he wanted was a relationship,
he didn't know,
that the condom had ripped.
She wasn't ready,
but she said she would commit,
even at 16,
their life was purely fit.
Her parents loved him,
and his loved her too,
and now they are separate,
their love they once had,
She now has her baby,
who's name is Nicole,
and throughout the hardships,
she seems controlled.
He came running back,
when he saw how well she was doing,
she forgave him,
and now their love is brewing.
This was the kind of love,
that is too hard to find,
he was her true love,
and they were now together all the time.
They moved in together,
and what beautiful couple they seem,
i only wish,
this could happen to me.


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  • 16 years ago

    by Amit

    Very well done, Dani. Keep writing.

    5/5, Take Care, Always Believe in Love,

    Nidhi's Amit.