by Dani   Apr 27, 2005

she cries,
for the beauty she once possessed had died.
now to them she is a fool.
She was dying,
to be thin,
just so she could fit in.
and now,
her fate,
she is thin to the bone and stays up late.
She tries,
to gain weight,
but food just has a funny taste.
She's not the kind,
who can binge,
and throwing up just aint her thing.
she once was,
boyfriends who had loved her so much.
Her friends,
skinny too,
talked behind her back and said moo.
So she lost weight,
and they broke her off,
like a fish line out of bait.
Her life,
was a fairytale come true,
and she ruined it because of people like you.
She was the one,
you could have saved,
but now she's set,
she has the date.
March 15,
was the day she died,
and now everyone,
decides to cry.


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  • 16 years ago

    by Andreana

    WooW .... Im Anorexic So I Relate with that Poem