I Miss You

by mj   Apr 29, 2005

I try to pretend I don't miss you,
but sometimes it hits me so hard it almost knocks me over.
I keep the tears bottled in,
so no one sees the pain you caused me.
You were suppose to be my hero,
and keep me safe from all dangers.
Instead you disposed of me for a new life,
the life you wish you had from the beginning.
Sometimes I just want to hear you say you love me,
but at the same time I would know you were lying.
How can you love a person you don't even know anymore,
a person you choose to grow up without you.
The person I am today is no thanks to you,
I had to teach myself right from wrong.
I taught myself to be a better person then you,
and that I can't throw my problems away when I don't want to deal with them.
So as much as I know I'm better off without you,
all I want to hear is you say you miss me.


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