Silently Sleeping

by ♥~Sªήdяª~♥   May 10, 2005

Nobody ever knew
Nobody really cares
She was always depressed
And had a blank stare

People looked through her
Or laughed at her in the hall
But no one ever knew her
No one knew her at all

She wanted to be a doctor
She gets good grades in school
But her ambition is falling
Because people are so cruel

So many rumors
Are spreading so fast
But rumors are fake
And hopefully don't last

They say she is evil
And hears voices in her head
And that is why
She cries herself to bed

She's just a normal person
She deserves a chance
But people don't care
They don't give a a second glance

One day she couldn't take it
She just broke down
And nobody even noticed
When tomorrow came around,

She was nowhere in sight
For she lay on her bed
silently "sleeping"
She was found dead


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  • I Can Relate 101%!!! I Loved It And I Enjoyed Reading It 5.0 xoxo-Nikki-xoxo

  • 15 years ago

    by Heather

    Loved it...:o)... you have a good way with writing poems! keep up the good work!.. :*)

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