The new me

by Alicia   Oct 12, 2003

Who is this girl
That i see before me here
Even though i'm looking in the mirror
The image i see i fear

For its not the girl i used to know
Sad, lonely and depressed
But instead a happy, smiling girl
Who i see is now well dressed

She seemd to know just what she wants
Your oppinion she don't care
She lookes this way and she likes it
She now thinks life is fair

Instead each day of waking up
And thinking why god me
She tells herself she's beautiful
And she don't care what you see

So before when he left she was crying
A lonely sad girl she was
But now she's glad she went through it all
She said she is beacause

Now the world has meaning
She lives life to the full
Her life no more so lonely
My life no more is dull

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