It was all out of Love

by WhiSperNcUrsIVe   Jul 1, 2005

I'll slit my wrist; You'll blacken my eyes
I'll sit here under these dying skies
Crying aloud for the whole world to hear
I'm walking alone until all my wounds heal
You just don't understand that every word I hear and every word you say
Tears me up day by day
Kills my spirit and tears my world apart
Leaves my wounds bleeding and scars on my heart
Your life's so perfect, not one thing wrong
Yet you've still felt the need to hurt me for so long
You said you'd never hurt me and you'd love me to the end
Well I guess the end wasn't close enough-you've gotten under my skin
You're all to blame; You're the reason
I cut away at my skin with all my pain left within
I hope you feel guilty as I'm lying here dead
Scars revealed while bleeding from my head
Truth becoming lies and lies becoming true
I want you to remember on very important thing: Everything I ever did-I did it all for you
I slit my wrists; You blackened my eyes
I sat there under those dying skies
Dying alone for the whole world to see
My wounds never healed they only set me free



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