The Truth Of All The Pain

by WhiSperNcUrsIVe   Apr 23, 2005

My heart struggles
Keeping me alive
Pumping blood through my veins
My hearts rapidly beating

My lungs gasp for breath
Trying hard to keep me alive
Wanting me to stay
Letting me survive

My brain knows the truth
The truth of all the pain
So it stops my lungs from breathing
And stops the blood pumping through my veins

Nothing stays behind
Nothing still remains
Just the truth behind it all
The truth behind the pain

If only I would have known
I would still be alive
If I would have known the truth
Maybe my brain would have let me survive

~*~Wow this poem I swear gets worse every time I read it. So don't laugh at me and make fun of me-I know its horrible! What do you truthfully think?~*~


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