You do nothing about it

by IWroteYouAPoemOnMyWrist   Jul 22, 2005

You see me as i break to pieces
and watch my heart fade away
I'm the girl you people taunt and tease,
and watch as pain grows everyday

but i still find a way to hold on tight
and act like i ignore what you have said
even knowing you think you win this fight
i Will when i end up dead

I'm a perfectly Innocent child
who has done nothing wrong to you
only i haven't got a chance to smile
because what you have to do

i try to make things the best
and i try to look on the bright side
but really I'm tangled in this mess
and you make me want to die

i try to be your guy-es friends
but then you embarrass me
you make sure the stressful thoughts wont end
also trying to make what you want of me

but half the things you say aren't true
and are just rumors and lies
i don't no what i did to you
but it seems you'd don't want me alive

you push me away from the crowd
a shadow is what it seems
once darkness come i wont be found
ill be with the disappearing things

like the shadows i also fade
I'm invisible and hard to see
the enchanting cuts from this blade
help lose this me

and everything you have said
will cost my soul ,heart ,and mind
ill soon just be called the kid thats dead
from losing track of time....

but in this letter you'll no the truth
the truth of what you all did
and no i no i was being used
for the self esteem of you kids

so no longer do i pass as the freak
and no longer do i handle with this
your souls will soon be weak
if your initials are posted upon my wrist

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~by the way i worked really hard on this, like all the rest of my poems, so if you please take time to read comment and vote it'd mean a lot~


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Latest Comments

  • 15 years ago

    by A Bnormal

    I have read quite a few of your poems and they are extremely good. If you could read my poem 'Escape' and comment on it. I would really appreciate it. Keep up the GREAT work.

    Shattered Tears

  • 15 years ago

    by Spitfire

    I like it
    its kol
    i hope u keep writting

    ~~GOOD LUCK ~~

  • 15 years ago

    by XxBlackRoseKidxX

    Ur last two lines definitely made me enjoy the poem more. They swung it for me. Well done with the finish. Xx Peace xX

  • 15 years ago

    by Shelbie

    Very nice poem, I have felt like that alot of my time in loving someone it seems they are paranoid not knowing if they truly want you around or not. I also voted on your poem it is very nice! Your poem has alot of voice which is excellent, your point and how you feel is expressed excellent. Keep it up very very nice job!

  • 15 years ago

    by Jordan

    That is a extremely good poem. I really feel the emotion in this poem. Incredible job.

    Much Love,

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