Would You? ...

by Danielle   Jul 26, 2005

Lying under these stars tonight I think of what to do
So many worries n’ concerns, that have nothing to do with you

I know how great we’d be; I see it in your eyes
I want to let everything go, and let these fears go by

Terrified to let you in, But I’m wanting you more and more
Waiting for the moment, when I’ll know you to the core

If I was lost in a world, with nothing and no where to go,
Would you come find me, and never let me go?

Would you swim an ocean, and then swim beyond the seas?
Block the air when I’m cold, and Kiss me passionately

Would you search all night long, for the right thing to say?
Would you keep me always, if I asked you to stay?

Would you say you're sorry, without ever making a sigh?
Would you take me to the moon? Exceeding past the sky

would you love me if I were gruesome, Or maybe I already am?
Would you stand by me if I were weak? Would you take me by the hand?

Would you help me through decisions, if a crossroad came our way?
Swoop down and carry me safely? Do you think of me today?

Would you build me a castle? Deep into the clouds?
Take me there when I’m scared, And only leaving with no doubts?

Would you listen to my concerns, Promise that you’ll try?
Would you hold me close, and understand if I cry?

Just thinking of you puts a smile on my face.
I can’t deny the truth, or your beautiful embrace

I want a sandy beach, and a chestnut sky
I want to lie beside you, as the stars mantle our eyes'

These questions still amaze me, But please tell me that they're true
I wanna love you forever baby
And that's what I'm gon' do

Would you stay ?


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Latest Comments

  • 15 years ago

    by Sharon

    Wow really love it really really heart taking keep it up

  • 15 years ago

    by LindaPham

    hey this poem is lovely.. great job! i really enjoyed reading it you're such a talented writer and i hope you keep writing! fantastic job!
    -take care
    p.s. if you have time please check out some of my poems

  • 15 years ago

    by Romy Rose

    I d0n't kn0w why I asked it.. th0se sentences keep on replaying in my mind ;).. there w0nderfull :)
    *hugs* PunkChick
    P.s.. d0 y0u have msn??

  • 15 years ago

    by Romy Rose

    Hi sweety :)
    ''I want a sandy beach, and a chestnut sky
    I want to lie beside you, as the stars mantle our eyes'' why did y0u put th0se tw0 sentenses in?? *I like it*
    perfectly sh0wn y0ur talent again :D
    *hugs* PunkChick

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