by Danielle   Jul 19, 2005

Ive wondered about her since I was 6 years old. Ive thought about what she looked like, what she smelled like, what her dreams and hopes were. I think about her life and what its like without me. I hoped she’d come see me, to see if I had made it, to see if I was even alright. Ive dreamt of her eyes, her touch, her taste, everything of who she is I know Ive thought about. I used to have nightmares about falling, I kept falling and falling into this endless pit, and she was never there to save me. She was never there. I used to hear her footsteps coming in my room to take me away. I even used to pretend that I was talking to her, laughing with her, crying with her. I have so many questions unanswered, so much hatred in my heart. Why didn’t she want me Diary? Where was she when Dad was touching me? I'd scream for her to come... but she never did. Where was she when I was wishing on every star in the sky for an angel to swoop down n' take me far away to her. Where was she god damn it? I hope she's dead. I hope she's rotting. If not, then I hope she's sitting right now thinking of how much she wishes whe would haev been there for me. Wishing and wanting for the rest of her life........ just like I have.

*This is one of my friend's diary entries. She let me put it on here.*


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  • 15 years ago

    by Rolo

    Well then of course it's me! I've been on this site for the longest time. And I've been commenting on your poems way back when you wrote "You just don't know: little girl's life". It's good that you're writing again...I missed it. And yeah...it's been a while but keep it up, and I'll always check up on your work. Take Care!

    ~rolo --The ONE and ONLY lol