Daddys mistakes

by IWroteYouAPoemOnMyWrist   Jul 31, 2005

I'm breathing heavily
as I'm sitting in this tight spaced room
i can here the footsteps passing by the door
i calmily watch the footprints on the moon

i here the doorknob trembling to open
and i hide under the covers
somehow he unlocked the door
i feel this is a another day ill remember forever

daddy's standing in the doorway
tall, still ,and mad
he slaps me in the face many times
with everything he has

"daddy no please stop"
i say while loosing air
none of this is rite
and none of this is fair

i feel my chest tighten
and i feel my heart beating faster
what ever went wrong
for daddy to make life a disaster?

daddy says in my face
"don't you dare tell me what to do"
then he holds my mouth shut with his big hands
and doesn't understand what he puts me threw

I'm in this room for hours
and having to deal with this man
i think I've found the time
for god to hold me in his hands

I'm tired to having to deal with this
and I'm sick of all his ways
this isn't what i should be going
this is one to many days

when daddy's finished with me
i enter him and Mommy's cabinet
i found the gun that will end this
and put me in my casket

i hold the gun with pride
and i put it against my head
"who will you beat now dad
finally I'm dead"

blood stains on the carpet
marked where she made her past erase
the stains will always remain
and you'll be able to feel her pain

every time you walk by her death area
you can almost feel how weak she was
and the surrounding place she lives in,
in heaven up above

daddy's now in jail
and Mommy's depressed and sad
maybe this wouldn't of happened
if daddy didn't get so mad

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Latest Comments

  • 15 years ago

    by not-so-pretty-{bleeding}-

    wow thats really deep.. nearly made me cry so sad =( ... gud luk sweety keep it up.. hope this aint an experience u had to go thru

  • 15 years ago

    by Torn

    thats really good...really sad and deep. im so sorry if this is happening to you. i know how bad it can be. take care x x x

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