Daddys death

by IWroteYouAPoemOnMyWrist   Aug 15, 2005

Its kinda longish, please read it all and if you would comment and took me three days but i lost half of the poem so i had to make up a new set of about 10 lines..

i can tell this is another night
that ill never forget
by the mad look in daddy's eyes
a day full of regrets

hes been drinking a lot tonight
i feel the strain in my voice
i know when he enters this room
ill no longer have a choice

i here the door opening
and stands a tall angry man
he walks up right in front of me
grabbing me by my hands

he pushes me into the walls
i hit my head and fall to the floor
gladly he exits the room
in my face slamming the door

i lay in pain on the ground
and discover bruises and cuts on my head
no one even knows
how much i want to be dead

i think of all the other times
daddy made this happen to me
i can feel all the scarce i went threw
and the way things ended up being

after hes done ruining my life
he comes in and try to apologize
thinking he did nothing wrong
and thinking I'm going to be fine

he says "i didn't hurt you
u did it all by yourself
maybe if you wern't so stupid
your life wouldn't be such a hell"

well I'm tired of being treater the way i am
and letting him get away
so there wont be a next time for daddy
I'll win, to this day

i go into the kitchen
and grab a knife all clean
this time i wont be the victim
doing all the screaming

daddy's laying in his room
and i stab him in the chest
tears stream down my face
i here him losing breath

i wipe off all the blood
and throw the knife in the trash
i have to get away from here
out of this place fast

i see a car pull in
Mommy's home from work!
what am i going to tell her
when she asked how daddy got hurt

impatiently i open the door
and run past Mommy and the car
i don't no what else to do
but run away really far

mommy comes and looks for me
and says "whats wrong?"
i says nothing but he was drinking
"and she asks again whats going on?"

she hugs me tightly
and doesn't want to let go
she dives me home safely
and enters the dead husband she didn't know

i walk into there bedroom
i say mommy i can explain
you see daddy was drinking
he went off the walls insane

look at the scars on my face
look at my head and the cuts
mommy please believe me
Ive finally taken to much

I'm sorry mommy I'm sorry
those words wouldn't stop coming out
just if you were here tonight
you'd no what daddy was all about!!

so now you know what has happened
it was him or my own suicide
the scars and cuts prove I'm not lying
you know why daddy had to die


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Latest Comments

  • 15 years ago

    by Crystal

    Wow.... this is really sad... im seriously sittin here with tears in my eyes.... you done a great job on this and your other stuff that i have read....


  • 15 years ago

    by Spitfire

    Thanks sad
    keep writting

    ~!~!good luck~!~!

  • 15 years ago

    by AnorexicDream

    great poem. i know what you mean about your favorites mine is doing the same thing i miss you too mwah i love you so much
    love always amanda

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