Dad doesn't care

by IWroteYouAPoemOnMyWrist   Aug 28, 2005

I know this is sorta long, but please read it all, i worked hard...
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a girl home all alone
her daddy's coming soon
he was suppose to be here hours ago
she patiently waits inside her room

hours past by the clock
its exactly 9:05
she heres the door nob open
and sees a man dilated eyes

he was drinking with his friends
she can smell alcohol on his breath
he grabs her by the arms
and puts his hands around her neck

she slowly is loosing air
she can not fight back
her legs kicking side to side
she sees a white light then the color black

daddy's suddenly lets go
he kicks her in the sides
blood is coming out of her mouth
bruises form that she must hide

he picks her up off the bed
and throws her into the walls
what did she do to deserve this
she hits her head and falls

he lays her on the bed
he holds her there while she hurts
he undoes her clothing
and cuts open her shirt

he does as he pleases
and then he walks away
as nothing had happened
thinking she will forget by the next day

but to make sure things are alright
he says sorry and not to tell
he thinks he did nothing wrong
but really put her threw hell

the next day she goes to school
bruises and cuts to hide
everyone is laughing
tears form in her eyes

one kids comes up and says
so did your parents beat you insane?
she doesn't say a thing
just suffers there in pain

she spends the day with no friends
no one to talk to at all
everyone calls her names
pushes her in to lockers and walls

that day when she came home
she walked threw the door
again everyones disappeared
she cant do this anymore

she goes into the bathroom
and looks for daddy's gun
she puts it in her mouth
shut her eyes, daddy look what you've done!!

she pulls the trigger
the gun sets off
her body falls down and hits the cold tiles
her pain suddenly stops

there shes lying dead
her body soaking in blood
all her pain is over
she lays there in the fluid

mommy came home that night
she slowly open the bathroom door
after calling her daughters name continuously
she finds her there bloody on the floor

Mommy's doesn't say a thing
she sees what she doesn't want to
written in blood it says
this is what daddy's been putting me threw

Mommy calls the hospital
a ambulance comes as soon as they can
they rush her to the emergency room
mommy still doesn't understand

the doctor come out with news
and Mommy's sits there impatient
weave lost your daughter I'm sorry
there no way she can make it

that night mommy stays there
and daddy soon shows up
mommy asked what happened
why is there your name in blood?

mommy calls the police
and they take daddy away
mommy is feeling guilty
she could have had a chance to have her daughter stay

the next day mommy finds her daughters notebook
and turns the pages fast
this is what she found
a entry her daughters last
i know daddy's doesn't care
he put me threw this mess
Don't try to say your sorry father
i know you can care less

you beat me till I'm broken
till blood comes out of my body
maybe if i where who you wanted
you would include me as somebody

i finally have taken my last breath
mommy its going to be okay
daddy can no longer hurt me
I'm safe up in heaven to this day.

Thank you for reading .. please vote and comment, it took me a long time to write this, again, thank you!!


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Latest Comments

  • 5 years ago

    by keighley

    So sad xx

  • 8 years ago

    by IWroteYouAPoemOnMyWrist

    Everyone. I am so sorry that I haven't. Been writting lately. I have.. but I never post them anymore. I came across this site after many yrs of not checking it. It makes me happy to see people still read my work. Life has changed for me. I now have a daughter who is 2. She saved me from myself.

    Love you all so much <3

  • 11 years ago

    by ShIsAnA tHe OnE aNd OnLy

    I love that poem i read it millions of times its so deep u deserve all theese comments and everything!you are trully amazing, 5/5 i loved the last past the most ..;)

  • 12 years ago

    by alexis

    That was really good, i understand what you are going through, i went through the same thing. just keep your head up, and you'll get through it

  • 12 years ago

    by PunkrockPrincezz

    I really loved this poem, its majorly inspiring in a way, im not sure how to explain it! But I love your writing its amazing! and Us people with the fathers like that need to stick together!! DEFINETLY 5/5 KUDOS!!

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