The End

by HeAvENLy UniQue   Oct 15, 2005

If anyone were to look pass the fake smiles,
And see the truth through these green eyes.
They'd see the pain, heartache and a silly disguise.
The 1 million reasons I struggle falling asleep.
The face that I give to people to not notice me.
The act I put up of not ever wanting to love.
The sorrowful look I show them all up above.
The weakness I get at the hearing of your name.
The times that I sit down to reminisce you're game.
Forcing myself everyday to forget you completely.
The more I try the more I want you here with me.
To slip hells lose and end it because of that night.
Drifting apart that way just didn't even seem right.
Three years and a pack of change to let it all go.
You don't even know I still love you, I shouldn't let it show..........


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