Young Girl

by HeAvENLy UniQue   Aug 6, 2005

This girl has forgotten what it is to love.
Forgot what it means.
Forgot how it feels.
No longer sees,
What she thought could be real.
She has got hurt so many times.
Losing plenty.
Always trying to survive this fight.
But never receiving gain of any.
In return receives more pain.
Lost in her small world of shame.
She does not remember how to smile.
Poor girl has not smiled for a while.
Lost all her faith in everything.
And is undecided if she wants to live.
She's filled with anger.
Lost in thoughts.
Teaching herself this is all her fault.
She thinks she deserves this entire ache.
So young is this girl who wants to stray.
Tears grow in her eyes as they slowly drop.
The girl keeps screaming, "make it stop."
She touches the knife and begins to cry.
Grasps the knife and takes her life.
Right on the chest, through her heart.
Inside she had fallen apart.
Now she won't have to breathe the depression.
The young girl is gone, she was sent to heaven...


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