Baby, He's There

by Dory   Oct 21, 2005

Oh baby, you think your on your own
You think you're all alone
Baby you're not
So don't be smoking that pot
What's this all gonna lead to?
This attitude, it's so new
Are you gonna be OK
Living life day by day?
Not knowing what's gonna happen
Your life wasn't misshapen
Baby, what you doing to yourself?
Your giving yourself a diss
We both know you're better than this
It's like you're two people
Round me, your OK
with them, your not
what you doing smoking that pot?
Baby, I put the bug in your ear
Just listen and you will hear
The words of God
Have no fear
He's here
Right under your nose
Just ask and he'll provide
Baby, come on, decide


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  • 14 years ago

    by Matters

    I really like this one... a lot... even though you stole a line from my poem =O Doesn't matter, because you're still a great writer. I'm glad I got you started writing poetry, and I hope you keep doing it. You're really good!!! Hey, by the way, why'd you write this poem? JW answer