Perfect Day

by Britney   Oct 28, 2005

I close my eyes,
And drift away.
I soon begin to dream,
Up the perfect day.

The wind is slightly blowing,
With a breeze in my hair.
Thereâ??s a slight smell of roses,
Drifting in the air.

The meadows waters,
Are as clear as can be.
When I gaze down,
I see the reflection of me.

But when I gaze down,
I seem incomplete.
As if my heart,
No longer has its own beat.

Soon my perfect day,
Comes crashing down.
But I donâ??t understand,
Thereâ??s no you around.

How can you,
Even destroy my dreams.
Youâ??re no longer around,
Or so it seems.

So I guess your,
Still in my mind.
I just want to leave,
All these memories behind.


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  • 18 years ago

    by `*~1-lUv~*`

    Great job i can actually picture what u say in ur poem. But gurl dont worry just do me a favor keep ur head up iight?!