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Well i was never too good at writing these things but anyways. I'm pretty much your average teenager. I will be a junior this year YAY! And me and my boyfriend will be dating for a year on the first day of school. I write alot about our relationship, but also alot about my friends too. But if you ever want some one to talk to you can reach me on aim on my s/n x0xSweet Sinzx0x.

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  • Age : 15
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  • Country : USA, West Virginia
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Latest Poems By Britney

  • I think today is the perfect day,
    For me and you to get away...

  • I walked down the stairs,
    Slowly in my dress...

  • I close my eyes,
    And drift away...

  • Tonight will be the night
    That I put on the dress...

  • Walking down the beach hand in hand,
    Its our footsteps we leave behind in the sand...

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  • So many guys so little time

    xoxox Love you all xoxox

    Adam, Nick, Jb, Josh, Teddy, Kyle, Jon, Jafari, Brandon, Bart, Luke, Marcus, Jake, Brett, Jared, Jr, Robin, Donie, Bruce, Chris, if i forgot anyone let me know!

    18 years ago
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  • Always love your best friend... even if she's got a better car then you.

    lol.. Inside joke! Dedicated.

    18 years ago
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  • Never think I'm going to strike out, think I'm going to get a home run!

    18 years ago
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