by Jessica   Nov 12, 2005

My younger brother wrote this and asked me to post it on my site and see what people thought, so please comment and vote.....thanks :)

Whenever my life is at an all-time low,
I can just look up at the flag and know.
I know that it will be alright
Through all the wars and all the fights.

Even when everything seems to go wrong,
It will be alright as long as I can hear the song.
The song that tells of Freedom and hope.
The song that Frances Scott Key wrote.

This country works through hard times better than any other,
We stand united, brother to brother.
How lucky I am to live in this place,
Where we have such a diversity of race.

If there is one thing that this country has,
Itâ??s that we are all neighbors through good times and bad.
We have so many different personalities, so many different ways,
And with Freedom we are allowed to express them every single day.

Even though there is terrorism and hate,
We are still free today because we have love and faith.

America has lots of things and freedom is just one,
But without Freedom, there would be none.
From the mountains of Montana to the Florida shores,
Over all the places in between, our mighty eagle soars.

If I left America I would not miss the bubblegum,
The thing I would miss is a thing called freedom.


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  • 15 years ago

    by eric

    Hahah thats wicked jessica good work :D!

  • 15 years ago

    by Holly Nicole Williams

    Thank you Jessica for the comment on my poem "If I could" I appreciate your honest opinion. However, keep in mind that this poem was just wrote in a joking matter. Trust me, when you are in a 3 year relationship like I have been, and he does you feel like doing a heck of a lot more than tying his shoelaces together!
    Again...thanks for your comment. I appreciate it. And good luck on your writing. You are a talented young writer :)


  • 15 years ago

    by lexcondevill

    Thanks for comenting on her love pome it means alot to us this is nolan her ex she was my first and only girl frien i still want to e with her really ad and we really cant tell shes 18 her parients and suff she rote that awile ago when we were still dating and even tho i was at work yesterday i knew she wasnt haveing a good day i still feal when she happy and sad even tho we havent talked in a few mounths we till right poems back and forth im not the one thats dateing some one els like i said she all i can think 0f is her wel rigt back it u want lexcondevill

  • 15 years ago

    by ~â‚£ading |nspiration~

    Man...that's awesome...oh well...hope the war will end soon...pray to god...god bless dear