How does he not see?

by Jessica   Apr 29, 2006

I love you
The words that are so hard to say
But in the end mean the most to everyone
Its hard to say it sometimes
When its the only real truth we know
Because were scared of being rejected
And left alone for life
I tried to tell him I loved him
But I never took advantage of my opportunity
And now Im here
Staring at this paper wishing he was here
Holding me in his arms tight
Telling me that hed never let me go
Because if he did, he wouldnt be whole
I guess thats how we all feel at some time or another
Wanting someone, needing them as if they were
The only thing worth living for
Because without them we seem lost
Almost as if the world wouldnt be the same
If wed never laid eyes on their face
On the warm smile that comforts us so
When we need that strength to go on
But how do I tell him
That he is on my mind all day and night
That I need him so much it hurts and
Brings me to tears
How do I say to his face
When we know that no matter how we try
We cant be together
That I love him, always have, and always will
With such a love that I havent felt for anyone else
He says he wants true love
And all I know in the world to be true
Are my feelings for him
Im lost in an ocean of emotion, just trying
To find my way back to shore
And all I can tell from looking towards land
Is that he is my lighthouse.


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Latest Comments

  • 15 years ago

    by lexcondevill

    Hey that was exolent that is how im fealing to but im a guy and i miss my ex yeah i can say that im the one that screwd up but now i know its trew and that ill never feal like that for enny one els ive tryed 5/5

  • 15 years ago

    by eric

    Heyyy! another amazing poem, im glad to see you started writing again :D! a definate 5/5.. great job :) talk to you later