by Kitty   Nov 20, 2005

****being GOOD is what me and my friends refer to as cutting, eg. Have you been good, meaning have you cut, if youve cut youd say Ive been bad but if you hadnt you say yes ive been good.

I tell you I have been good****,
Why am I still wearing this mask, this hood?
Make me open up and let you see,
Make me be myself, tell me why cant I be me?

What do I succeed by living this lie?
Perhaps if I told you, you might cry,
Why is it you not me Im trying to protect?
How come I dont have any self respect?

I tell you yet another lie,
What made me do it, why oh why?
You are my best friend,
But the truth might put that to an end,

If you found out what is false and what is true,
Id make up another lie just for you,
I will explain I am just going through a phase,
The truth hurts, so mum always says,

I once told a secret to a girl,
Who was so ugly it would make you hurl,
She shared my secret to the whole school,
OMG!!! Did I feel like a fool?

Perhaps thats why I lie,
Probably will until the day I die,
Can being full of lies make you burst?
Of all the ways to go can that be the worst?


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