From Me To You

by deeanne   Dec 24, 2003

I’ve never stopped to think
If you know how much I care
If you know how much I need you
And how glad I am your there

You see you don’t know what you have
Until it’s gone away
Until everything you loved
Can no longer stay

I know that I am leaving
So I’m making sure you know
Just how much you mean to me
Am that I’ll never let you go

I remember all our long walks
Just to talk about whatever
Everything seemed so right
Our plans to stay together

You showed me how to live life
I think you are the greatest guy
You never stopped loving me
Even when I said good-bye

I never stopped loving you either
I thought you’d like to know
That I’ve always cared for you
Even if it you thought it wasn’t so

When I gave you up
I realised I wanted you more
It was the biggest mistake
And in two my heart tore

I wish I could go back in time
And take that pain away
We may be back together now
But the guilty feeling will always stay

If something was to happen to you
I know I would be lost
Because I really care for you
I say this with my heart crossed

I love you more than words can say
Even though I may not show it
You mean everything to me
And now I guess you know it

Unlike most people
You know what’s deep inside
You know the “real” me
And in you I can confide

From now on I’m going to hold onto you
But not too tight
Because I don’t want to loose you
Not again for you are my shining light

Forever since I’ve known you
My life has turned around
That is when I knew
That special love I’ve finally found

I thank God for letting me met you
Being with you is a dream come true
I feel as though I have the world
And all because I have you

So what I’m trying to say
Is thanks for all you’ve done
I’ve finally found that special guy
And I’m glad that you’re the one

Written by Deeanne Lissa
Especially For Justin Bills

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