My Life

by deeanne   Dec 24, 2003

Dear diary to you friend I turn
It’s time to listen up and learn
About my life that’s in the drain
The life that causes me so much pain

Everyday I wake full of hope
At the end of the day I just can’t cope
My friends leave me for some stupid boy
Bullies treat me like a broken toy

But I’m still good deep down inside
And from this world I will not hide
It’s time to show everyone what I can be
It’s time that everyone can see me

See that I’m not just here to be here
I’ve been but a shadow for more than a year
But I’m about to step into the light
As soon as I can figure out what is right

I’m appreciated by so many of my friends
The ones that’ll be there to the end
But the one friend that I fight for the most
Sits and ignores me then turns to boast

I hate being treated like nobody cares
I hate being treated like I’m not there
It’s time for me to take a stand and say
Good-bye to everyone in my way

So good-bye my close friend please don’t be hurt
Now you can be free to go flirt
Everything happens for a reason
I just figured for you there’s no pleasing

We had lots of fun while it lasted
I’ve just learnt that life is a bastard
So don’t feel down you won’t even notice I’m gone
You’ll probably forget I was even born

By Deeanne Lissa



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