Sick of........

by deeanne   Dec 24, 2003

I’m sick of the way society is run
I’m sick of how everything is done
I’m sick of friends never being there
I’m sick of friends not showing they care

I think I’m really starting to learn
That if I get nothing in return
So many promises are broken each day
“I promise I’ll change” is all they say

Next day comes, more promises are broken
All day not a word is spoken
You get so lonely you just listen to the noise
And think of your love life with boys

You feel so good to love this guy
Then all of a sudden these feelings die
Because your friend has fallen too
He likes her; there’s nothing you can do

She talks and flirts and rubs it in
That’s when the friendship goes in the bin
Friends should stick together til the end
Not wreck their friendship beyond repair

I know you think this is just another rhyme
That I’ll find another guy another time
But I’m sick of it I really am
I’m sick of how you don’t give a damn
If he asked you out I wondered what would be
Now I can already see
You said maybe but that’s not where it’ll end
You should have said no coz I’m your best friend

We said we wouldn’t get cranky and shout
But we said nothing about going out
This is the only way to get through to you
I no longer feel comfortable talking it through!!!

By Deeanne Lissa


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