What to do??????

by deeanne   Dec 24, 2003

What to do with such a life
It would be so easy to end with a knife
But there’s so much to do and say
There’s a new adventure everyday

I’ll start with friends coz they’re the best
They’ll always pass the friendship test
They’re always friendly, loyal and kind
You know they’re real if they can read your mind

Guys come next, well they used to anyway
But my heart is still torn to this very day
I thought it was love I really did
But a friends feelings ran and hid

Now pain and sorrow fill every empty hole
The love from my heart old cupid stole
I was so confused I had lost my spark
But my best mate Lisa was my light in the dark

Life is now great I’m having a ball
But I lost something special and that’s not all
I lost myself in my heart and sole
I could never go back but there will always be a hole

By Deeanne Lissa


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